Step 1 - The Initial Consultation is an opportunity for us to define the general style, theme, and "look & feel" of your site. We'll determine what design elements and content you have ready to integrate into the site vs. those that will need to be created. A site design specification document will be generated from this consultation session and will serve as the guide for the remaining steps of the project.

In general, during this discussion we will answer the following:
  • What is the purpose for your site (to sell, inform, entertain)?
  • What are your site's primary goals & objectives?
  • Do you have ideas for your site's domain name?
  • Do you have artwork, graphics, promotional materials available?
  • Do you have copy/text ready for the site?
  • Have you researched the functional elements you'd like to use in the site (i.e. things like forms, e-commerce/shopping carts, animation, database integration, etc.)?
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